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"A home away from home."

A New Home

After signing an intent to lease in the Tennessee Street house in the Spring of 2016, we focussed our efforts into establishing a smooth transition from house to house.

The new house fits 65-75 brothers and includes rooms of various degrees and sizes. These include suit style rooms, numerous 1 person, 2 person, 3 person, and 4 person rooms. The most common being 2 and 3 person rooms. There are 4 floors plus a basement. Over the summer of 2017 we took on a serious remodeling project and refurbishing the house to provide a welcome home to incoming brothers.

We look forward to holding true to our values while establishing a presence within this house. And, we look forward to remaining one of the only Housed Chapters to stay true to our Dry-House and Anti-Hazing policies as we continue our progress as campus leaders.

Feel free to come by for a tour!

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House Manager: Carter Lutes

(314) 541 - 8317

1537 Tennessee Street

Lawrence, KS 66044

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